Three Beautiful Room Ideas for a Modern Family from Cinderella Carpet One

Cinderella Carpet One knows that today’s families want a beautiful, modern home that is comfortable for the entire family and holds up to an active lifestyle. These three rooms accomplish just that and with some smart purchases, they will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Light and Airy

Crisp white and clean lines are the epitome of modern but many families shy away from white because they fear the stains and dirt will quickly ruin the look. The key to pulling together a family friendly room in white is a slip covered sofa. Slipcovers in durable canvas or brushed cotton are easily washed and bleachable. Many white sofas are even sold with slipcovers that are custom fitted to the piece of furniture so you don’t have to worry about them looking sloppy.

The floor is another area where the fear of stains results in beige or tan. With today’s technologies, you can purchase a stain-resistant floor in any color you want. For a modern look, use a durable, stain-resistant floor. Stain resistant carpet gives you a sleek modern look and due to its unique fiber construction, crushing or matting are not a problem either.

Finish off a light and airy room with some functional furniture. Ottomans and coffee tables with storage are a must for storing books and games so you can keep the room looking clean and crisp. Black and white photos are a great way to personalize the room – mix some black and white versions of family photos with some larger pieces.

Mid-Century Modern

Bright white is not for everyone. Modern design opens up the opportunity to use different shapes and colors than those traditionally used for décor. Neutral browns and tans create a great backdrop for funky shapes and colors without distracting from the design. Balance a unique piece of furniture with a simple black couch or chair. Geometric patterns on fabrics and walls give a modern vibe to the room.

Accessorize a mid-century modern room with sleek modern lamps and large-scale graphic prints. This modern room is a comfortable place for the whole family.

Casual Modern

For a modern living room that is everyone’s favorite hangout, casual and comfortable are the primary focus. A large sectional sofa with modern lines provides lots of room for the entire family and friends. A cream or neutral color is a little more relaxed than bright white but still fresh and clean.

A great option for flooring in a modern room is a light colored hardwood or laminate. But for a comfortable family living room, a cozy area rug is always a good idea. For a simple rug, any carpet can be bound on the edges to make a rug.

Amethyst is a great accent color that is new and modern but not overly bright. A light violet carpet and a few amethyst pillows provide the perfect pop of color. Keep accent furniture and accessories simple and modern by sticking with glass and chrome.

A modern room is a great option for families that like clean, straight lines and simple, clutter-free rooms. With today’s versatile furniture, stain-resistant fabrics and flooring that stands up to a busy family, achieving a modern look is more realistic then ever.

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